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For those interested in learning new sushi concepts past our 101 classes, we also offer a 90-minute class in order to learn three new forms of sushi that aren't considered 'common' sushi - gunkan sushi, temari sushi and multi-colored sushi rolls.  Keep in mind - our Sushi 101 classes are approximately 2 hours long.  Our 201 classes are a bit shorter in length.

Our 201 classes are the next level of classes for those who wish to learn more about sushi concepts.  Please keep in mind that this class provides technical instruction rather than basic sushi classes.  Our 201 class is shorter and more attuned to showing you to the 'classier' forms of sushi are made.  Although it's not a requirement, we highly recommend every student take our 101 class in order to appreciate and understand our 201 class.  Please contact us for more info.

To learn more about our sushi instructor, Mr. Carl Rosa, please click here

We're happy to provide assistance to you.  Please contact us.  We thank you!


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