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Although our classes are easy to understand and standardized, it's important that our customers understand the conditions and requirements for each class. 

Please contact us if you have any questions.

  1. If the scheduled date is available for your class, we will book your event and then confirm the details.  A 50% deposit will be required, secured online.  In many cases, the client merely pays the full amount due for their convenience. This deposit (50%) is refundable in full up to 72 hours before the class is scheduled to occur.   Three days before class, we will contact you to confirm the details.  If the event is confirmed, the remaining 50% due must be secured online.  If your plans change and you must cancel the class for any reason, we will refund you the original 50% deposit.  The cost of the class must be fully secured before it occurs.

  2. Minimum class size is 4 attendees.  Maximum attendees is 20.

  3. The standard sushi 101 class, in your home or office, is $35 per person all inclusive.  If you'd like to request additional ingredients or special requests, we are happy to accommodate you.  If there's an additional cost, we can inform you in advance in order to make your decision.

  4. Depending on the size of the classes, we will require a minimum of 1 hour unload/set-up time before the class is scheduled to occur.  Larger classes may require 90 minutes to unload/set-up.

  5. We're more than happy to customize any sushi class to ensure it conforms to a specific theme, all specific details will confirmed via email so we may refer to it and share any/all requirements with our vendors.

  6. All details must be confirmed via email/message so ensure that we can forward the details, requests and special requirements to our vendors and staff. 

Please contact us if you have any questions.


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