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SUSHI CLASSES at Home and Work


We offer sushi classes at your home (private residences) and at your office.  Please review the photos of previous classes.  Please contact us if you have any questions.


Photo:  (left) Sushi Class at Home, (Center) Sushi Classes for Businesses, (right) Sushi Classes for the General Public.

HOME SUSHI CLASSES - Sushi 101 Classes, hosted at your private residence are designed to be fun, filling, educational and memorable.  We arrive at your home, unload, prepare for your class and provide a 2-hour sushi class for your friends/family.  Everything is included - ingredients, plates, chopsticks, napkins, etc.  We prep the class (and the ingredients) in your kitchen.  It's easy to customize the class to suit your interests (themes, celebrations, etc).  Often, classes are hosted in kitchens and dining rooms.

SUSHI CLASSES AT YOUR OFFICE/BUSINESS - When it comes to hosting something truly different at your office, it's hard to beat a customized sushi class for your team.  We can help you host a fantastic, delicious sushi 101 class in your office/break room during the lunch hour...or at the end of the day.  The choice is yours.  We're happy to provide everything needed to make your event memorable.

PUBLIC SUSHI CLASSES - We continually travel to five U.S. cities throughout the year.  In each city, we host as many public sushi classes as our schedule will allow.  In most cases, we host two public classes per month in each city.  These classes are typically hosted at a community center, church event hall or commercial kitchen.  Public classes typically involve classes of 15-20 people at one time.

For additional details, class requirements, please click here.

Please contact us if you have any questions.



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