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The following information contains answers to frequently asked questions for those who are interested in our sushi classes.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

Question:  Is the sushi class customizable?

Answer:  Most definitely.  Almost every class is different.  We can tailor the events and the ingredients to your requests.  At times, advanced ingredients require a slight cost adjustment, but it's no problem.

Question:  I have some attendees who have allergies to shellfish.  Is that a problem?

Answer:  Not a problem at all.  In fact, we prefer to have the advanced knowledge of an allergy to ensure last-minute surprises are eliminated.  We can easily tailor any ingredients to fit the needs, enjoyment and safety of your class.

Question:  How long are the classes?

Answer:  Depending on the type and size of the class, most classes are about 2 hours long.  We will also require a short amount of unloading/set-up time before the class occurs.

Question:  Can we modify the class to a certain theme (birthdays, anniversaries, etc)?

Answer:  Definitely.  That's the easy part.  We can easily tailor the class to reflect an anniversary, birthday, special colors, celebration or holiday theme.  We do it all the time.

Question:  If we host a class at our home or business, what do we need to provide?

Answer:  If you provide tables and chairs (and personal beverages of your choice), we can provide everything else.  If you'd like, we can provide table covers as well.

Question:  Is the instructor certified and insured for private events?

Answer:  Yes.  Mr. Carl Rosa is a Certified Food Manager and is insured with Professional and General liability for private events.  We're happy to provide documentation.

Question:  Do you host classes at country clubs?

Answer:  Definitely.  We host sushi classes at country clubs throughout the year.

Question:  Are we able to pay online for a sushi class?

Answer:  Yes.  We require a secured payment to ensure the costs are covered before your event.

Question: What's the process for finalizing an event?

Answer:  We review the details with you, provide an email offering a consensus of the event.  A few days before the event, we will review the same details with you and then send you a secured link (online) for payment.  After that, we host the class.

Question:  Are we able to cancel the class if something unexpected occurs?

Answer:  Yes.  As long as you cancel the event before 72-hours before class, we will refund your purchase 100%.  Within the 72-hour time frame before the class occurs, we will happily refund 50% of the purchase.

Question:  How do we get the process started?

Answer:  Please click here to contact us and we will discuss the options with you.

Please contact us if you have any questions.


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