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This Event is Full.

Enjoy a full Sushi 101 class as you pair your preferred wine with the experience!

Mr. Carl Rosa, a Sushi Instructor and tour guide to Japan, will provide a comprehensive, 2-hour course while the attendees sample and discuss the wines of their choice.

At the beginning of the class, you’ll sample a small sashimi appetizer while discussing the ideal options and wines for the evening.

With everything provided during this class, you’ll learn:

·         How to determine quality sushi.

·         How to make top-quality sushi rice.

·         Create your own nigiri sushi.

·         Make your own traditional sushi roll.

·         Produce your own fusion sushi roll.

Cost for the event is $45 per person, all inclusive.

Maximum attendees for the event: 18

Please note - Mr. Carl will not provide wine(s) for the event.  NCV will encourage their members to bring and share their wine during the experience.