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Houston, Texas Area

Sushi Classes at Home...or Office!

You provide tables and chairs. We provide the rest!

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Turn Your Kitchen Into a Private Sushi Class

For less than the cost of a common sushi lunch, we show you how to drastically cut the expense of your sushi meals - create amazing sushi with your own your kitchen.

Our Sushi 101 Class is hosted at your home or office.  Host a small class for family and friends.  Host a large class for a fun party.  It's up to you.  Either way, a single class will teach you the fundamentals of making great sushi.

$35 per person, all-inclusive



Our Sushi 101 Class shows you how to:

1.  Determine quality sushi (and avoid unacceptable sushi)

2.  Learn to make outstanding sushi rice

3.  Make nigiri sushi

4.  Create traditional sushi rolls

5.  Design your own fusion (inside-out) sushi rolls

Interested in hosting a sushi class in your home or office? 

Contact us!


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