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About Carl Rosa

Carl Rosa's focus is simple - to provide a firm understanding of Japan (history, touring and culinary diversity) to those who have an interest in absorbing the culture. He has also founded four organizations that embrace the fascinating culture of Japan -,, Ramen in Common and the Sushi Club of Houston.

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It started with a terrible Meal...

In 2006, Carl Rosa and his wife, Sonya, lost everything they owned in Hurricane Katrina (New Orleans).  Since both of their employers were moving to Houston to continue business, they decided to make Texas their new home.  After sampling a lackluster sushi experience in Houston, Carl realized that Japanese cuisine had little to be desired in the Lone Star State.  Soon, he purchased a domain name, built a basic website and created 'The Sushi Club of Houston.'  In seven years, it grew to an enormous size (17,000+ registered members).  In just a few years, he began bringing his members to Japan in order to absorb the culture.  While continuously in Japan, he began taking sushi classes in Tokyo and Kyoto while attending sake tastings in Niigata and Osaka.  Due to the demand back in the USA, he started teaching his own club members how to create quality sushi, purchase premium sake and educated everyone on the Japanese culture.

Today, Carl tours Japan approximately 8 times per year and teaches sushi classes in 9 cities throughout the United States.  In 2011, he was the focal point of a student documentary in Tokyo named '完璧な寿司の追求 ("The Pursuit for Perfect Sushi.") and became the sponsor for an international Sushi Documentary via Magnolia Films entitled 'Jiro Dreams of Sushi.'  Even as of today, Carl spends time at Sukiyabashi Jiro (Tokyo) to learn from the sushi masters who share the same passion.

Carl and his wife, Sonya, have been married for 25 years and enjoy spending time in their homes - Kingwood, Texas and Colorado Springs, Colorado.


To contact Carl directly, please send him an email or a text message.

Personal Assistant: Dominic Walsh

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