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Our Sushi 101 Classes

If you're interested in hosting a sushi 101 class at your home or business, please review the details below.  Sushi Classes in Houston, Austin and Colorado

If you have any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Time for Class!

The Sushi 101 Class itself is about 90 minutes long but larger classes last longer typically last 2 hours or more. Typical set-up and prep time is 1 hour before class begins (for groups of 10 people or less).  Larger classes require more prep time. 

We Provide Everything

We provide everything needed for your sushi class - sushi mats, rice, ingredients, chopsticks, napkins, wasabi, etc.  You merely provide a table/counter, access to water (faucet) and a few electrical outlets.

Customized Themes

It's easy to adjust every sushi event to coordinate with a party/event theme - birthdays, anniversary, couples night, kid's party, etc.  The ingredients and theme can be tailored to meet your interests.

Ingredients Galore

Common ingredients at a sushi class include Ahi Tuna, King or Atlantic Salmon, Fan-tailed Shrimp, Krab, Cucumber, Avocado and Smoked Salmon. All ingredients can be customized for preferences or to avoid allergies.


Depending on your group, you can provide any/all beverages you'd like - tea, sodas, wine, beer, etc.  However, if you'd like us to provide bottled waters, we're happy to bring them for the attendees.

Scheduling a Class

We receive about 3 - 4 requests for classes per day so we recommend that you send us a message to check our availability as soon as possible.  We do not require deposits to secure a class date for you.

Types of Sushi Classes

We host a variety of sushi classes to fit your interest!


Sushi 101 Class

A comprehensive sushi class that teaches you the basics of creating quality sushi at home.

$35 per person, all inclusive


Sushi 201 Class

The next level after Sushi 101, using your existing knowledge to advance your skills.

$40 per person, all inclusive

kid maki.jpg

Sushi Class for Teens

A sushi class purposely designed for youngsters over 12 years old - fun and filling!

$25 per child, all inclusive

For more information...

Pictures are worth a thousand words, view our class photos.
Want to learn about sushi online? view our videos.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us!

We travel to Houston and Austin, Texas as well as Colorado Springs and Denver.  We promote sushi everywhere!

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