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Frequently Asked Questions

We receive numerous questions throughout the week, many of the questions are similar.  To make our class information convenient for you, please review the questions/answers below.  If you can't find what you're seeking, please contact us directly.


"If I host a class at my home, what do I need to provide on my end?"

The host of the class merely provides 3 items: a tabletop/counter top for the class, running water (for example - kitchen faucet) and two electrical outlets.  We provide everything else.  However, if you prefer to provide drinks that your family and friends enjoy, go for it!


"I have a few picky eaters in my group, is that a problem?"

Not at all.  These days, everyone has preferences and concerns about what they eat.  If someone has an interest in avoiding 'raw' seafood, it's not a problem.  Additionally, offering ingredients that are gluten-free (or even strict vegetarians) are not a problem.  The class is completely customizable with advanced notice, even modifying the class to avoid specific allergies.


"Do you offer sushi classes for kids?"

All the time!  We recommend the classes involve kids at the age of 9 or above.  If children younger than 9 participate, we recommend a parent or guardian work with them.  Since the class includes knives (cutting sushi rolls), we recommend someone help the younger attendees during the class.


"What ingredients are typically provided?"

Typical ingredients are: Ahi Tuna, King or Atlantic Salmon, Seared/Peppered Tuna, Fan-Tailed Shrimp, Yellowtail, Krab, Cucumber and Avocado.  We can easily customize the items.  If there's an increase in cost, we're happy to provide alternatives and let you know the difference.


"Do you provide classes to private groups?"

Continuously.  Since we teach classes in Colorado and Texas, we often provide sushi classes for events at private communities, country clubs, ski resorts, team-building events and other forms of group-based outings.  Typically, the maximum size of the group should not exceed 30 people to ensure the quality of the sushi class remains first-rate.


"Do you require a certain class size?"

Typically, the smallest class size that we provide is for a group of four people.  Four attendees ensures that all the costs are covered.  The largest class should not exceed 40 people to ensure we maintain a level of quality for the attendees.  Classes that exceed 40 people is a challenge to guarantee the quality that our attendees would appreciate.  


"Is a deposit required to reserve a class date?"

Definitely not.  We never require a deposit.  We want to ensure that you have the option to cancel a class for any reason.  Things happen - last minute emergency, unexpected terrible weather, power outage, etc. 

We completely understand.


"Can the classes adopt a theme?"

Sure!  Our sushi classes often navigate around a themed-event: bridal showers, couple's night, birthday celebrations, anniversaries, surprise parties, sake name it.


"How much time do you need for set-up?"

The size of the class will determine the time needed to unload, set-up and prep.  Smaller classes (under 10 people) typically require one hour of prep time.  Large classes can require 90 minutes or more.


"What kinds of classes do you provide?"

We can customize any class to tailor to your interest - sashimi and sushi rolls, sushi roll parties, a standard sushi 101 class, advanced classes (201), sushi and sake tastings, etc.  For 17 years, we've provided every theme imaginable.  Contact us and we can help you tailor the class to your interest.

Got a question?

We offer sushi classes in Houston, Austin and in Colorado.  If you have a question, we're happy to help.  Click below to contact us. 

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